Einarr and the Crimson Shroud

More than a Fortune-Teller’s Art

The corruption from the black-blooded monsters has finally been cleansed from the crew of the Vidofnir, but the events of the last several months have left Einarr with a lot on his mind. Ever since his encounter with the Oracle, time and time again circumstances have conspired to prove her right: he needs to learn to read the runes, or his calling will be the death of him. The problems are going to be convincing his father and finding a teacher.

But the mysterious elf, whose aid allowed him to conquer the Tower of Ravens, knows someone. Several someones, really. But they happen to be guarding an ancient secret. If there’s one thing that a Cursebreaker knows how to find, it’s trouble.

Book 7 of The Adventures of Einarr Stigandersen