Book 14: Einarr and the Razing of the North

Table of Contents

Einarr has his future holdings, his wife, his liege man – and his son. Life should be wonderful – and it would be, except for one dark cloud hovering above the horizon and the knowledge that the Cursebreaker’s life is never peaceful.

Stigander has sent word to their allies and their potential allies about the so-called League of Free Men, which has indicated it intends to grow its numbers by force if necessary. Then, they settled in to wait and prepare, for alliances take time to form. But, when messages finally begin to arrive, they are not pledges of aid but pleas for help. Someone has massacred not one but several trade ports in the northern seas, and nobody can guess who might be next.

Einarr thinks he might know who is responsible, though. Can he get to the bottom of the matter before Breidelstein finds itself with the choice of ‘join or die’?

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