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Einarr has his future holdings, his wife, his liege man – and his son. Life should be wonderful – and it would be, except for one dark cloud hovering above the horizon and the knowledge that the Cursebreaker’s life is never peaceful.

Stigander has sent word to their allies and their potential allies about the so-called League of Free Men, which has indicated it intends to grow its numbers by force if necessary. Then, they settled in to wait and prepare, for alliances take time to form. But, when messages finally begin to arrive, they are not pledges of aid but pleas for help. Someone has massacred not one but several trade ports in the northern seas, and nobody can guess who might be next.

Einarr thinks he might know who is responsible, though. Can he get to the bottom of the matter before Breidelstein finds itself with the choice of ‘join or die’?

Table of Contents

Einarr and his companions awake to find themselves chained in the dark of a dungeon, captured by the dwarves of Myrkheimr for the sin of trespassing down the Paths of Stone. Meanwhile, Jorir still awaits the pleasure of his Thane, seeking an audience to bring those very same people down below and end the curse on their land.

When Jorir is finally granted his audience, he is shocked to discover that his liege-lord Einarr, the Cursebreaker himself, is here – captive! Worse, Einarr and his companions are to be sacrificed to Malunion on the next favorable day! Can Jorir free his lord from the sacrificial altar – and his people from the demon’s grasp?

Table of Contents

After three long years, Einarr was finally able to marry his beloved Runa. No sooner do the two return from their honeymoon, however, than they learn something terrible has happened in their absence: Jorir, Einarr’s best friend, First Mate, and sworn liegeman, has disappeared!

A search was organized, but they lost the trail in Mýrarhöfn, one of the roughest, most lawless ports in the cold seas. Now Einarr must set out once more with a small, elite band in search of the missing dwarf, all while evading the newly-formed League, the Order of the Valkyrie, and Einarr’s own penchant for finding himself in hot water.

A year has passed since Einarr and his allies retook their homeland from the vicious Weavess Urdr and her son, Ulfr. Over the intervening months, they have put out many fires and consolidated their hold over the lands Raen had once unified.

There are two months until Einarr is to wed his beloved Runa, but he still lacks one thing he needs for the wedding: a sword belonging to his ancestors, to present to his bride during the ceremony. Only, Grandfather Raen has never spoken of the land he came from, not even to Stigander. Now Einarr must venture back to the land of his ancestors and discover what drove his grandfather out in the first place.


Having captured a number of the Weavess’ tapestries, Einarr and his allies now must escape pursuit long enough to destroy them and clear a path inward. But their pursuer is none other than Kaldr, a man with ice in his veins who is all-too-loyal to the Usurper.

The dromon Arkona sails into Kjellvic harbor to find it aflame, the victim of a brutal raid. All over the island, people are talking about a ship with a wolf’s head on the prow. Frantic, Einarr and his companions search the island for Runa and the Jarl. And then the Vidofnir arrives.

After wintering with the Runemaster alfs of the Shrouded Village, Einarr is finally deemed ‘safe’ to leave the village and rejoin the Vidofnir. But the elven High Roads have become unstable, so he has to find another way back with his new friends. And then one of the Order of the Valkyrie picks up their trail…

After escaping from the Tower of Ravens, Einarr and his companions discover that they have been transported to an unknown portion of the sea. To make matters worse, they are there becalmed. When a storm blows up, they take their lives in their hands in hopes of finding their way back to the waiting Vidofnings.

Having just escaped from the demonic fleet of the strange cult, Einarr and the crew of the Vidofnir are in need of some way to fight the horrors unleashed and eliminate the cult for good. Fortunately, it just so happens that those who are experienced in the ways of magic and story tend to accumulate wisdom as well as lore…