Einarr and the Oracle of Attilsund

Seeking the threads of fate…

Einarr has returned victorious from his first “impossible quest,” with a sworn retainer in tow, but now the real work of securing his bride stands before him. One dwarven retainer does not a crew make, and his home is still out of reach, subject to the Weavess’ curse that set them adrift in the first place.

But Einarr’s new liege-man has an idea. Once, long before he ended up on Svartlauf, he consulted with one of the Elven Oracles – a sect of Weavers who take great care not to change the flow of fate. Perhaps she might be able to help – if she yet lives. And if they can pass her trials.

Book 2 in The Adventures of Einarr Stigandersen