Tag: A rival appears?

  • 3.3 – Grave of Ships

    3.3 – Grave of Ships

    “Port side, push off! Starboard, brace and pole forward!” The grinding sound continued and the Vidofnir began to slow. The sail fluttered disconsolately as the tailwind faded away. “Put your backs into it!” Stigander added his weight to one of the starboard oars before the order was fully out of his mouth. Einarr stowed his…

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  • 3.2 – Icy Seas

    3.2 – Icy Seas

    Over the course of a week the seas plied by the whalers of Attilsund and, now, the Vidofnir grew colder, until it felt more like they were out early in the spring rather than the middle of summer. That they had not yet seen floating ice did not reassure Einarr about the lack of icebergs…

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