Tag: And now we have a giant tentacled horror at large in the cold sea

  • 8.11 – Petition

    8.11 – Petition

    The only way Einarr could have been more glad to see a shore, he thought, would be if it were Breidelstein, and their victory complete. As it was, Kjell had begun to feel almost like a home itself, and Einarr could not quite disguise his pleasure at seeing it again. The only shadow on the…

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  • 4.23 – Changing Tide

    4.23 – Changing Tide

    Einarr had Sinmora at the top of her swing when a pair of shoulders barreled into his knees from behind. His eyes widened in shock as he fell, moments before yet another tentacle shot across the open space where his head had been. A man among the archers screamed. Einarr caught a glimpse of hair…

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