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  • 13.2 – Scorn

    13.2 – Scorn

    Jorir sat on a large block in Brandir’s smithy, pressing his hands against his knees to keep from pacing. As he had feared, the situation now was far worse than when he had left. That was fine. It would be fine: he had found the Cursebreaker. All he had to do now was convince the…

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  • 4.23 – Changing Tide

    4.23 – Changing Tide

    Einarr had Sinmora at the top of her swing when a pair of shoulders barreled into his knees from behind. His eyes widened in shock as he fell, moments before yet another tentacle shot across the open space where his head had been. A man among the archers screamed. Einarr caught a glimpse of hair…

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  • 1.22 – The Cave

    1.22 – The Cave

    With the morning light came the sound of metal striking metal from deep within the cave, rousing Einarr from his uneasy rest. The glow of fire lit the walls, even though Einarr’s had long since burnt itself to ash.

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