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  • 12.17 – Small Sparks

    12.17 – Small Sparks

    Naudrek sniffed, and nodded, and was joined in agreement by Kaldr and Thjofgrir. “Why fish?” Einarr asked. Whatever it was, they were sure not to like the reason. “Maybe they want to bury us in mackerel?” Naudrek asked with a shrug and half a smile. Even Kaldr chuckled. “Unlikely. But whatever the smell is coming…

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  • 12.15 – Above and Below

    12.15 – Above and Below

    A clicking sound, like a knife being stropped, sounded twice and abruptly the tunnel was plunged into darkness. Runa froze in her tracks, blinking, her eyes straining for any light. “Einarr?” She disliked how tremulous her voice sounded just there, but there was nothing she could do about it now. She cleared her throat and…

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  • 10.42 – Traps

    10.42 – Traps

    Troa stopped suddenly enough that Einarr nearly ran into his outstretched arm. Better that, though, than to fall into the crevasse that had brought him up short. “Did we choose the wrong path?” Einarr wondered. Troa shook his head. “Not likely. I think she had her own path past all this. Probably some sort of…

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