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  • 10.33 – Ulfr

    10.33 – Ulfr

    Lord Ulfr relaxed back in his seat as though the response bored him. “Your place is defending the Hold, Captain Kaldr. Or have you already forgotten how tenuous your position here is?” “Not at all, my lord.” Kaldr tasted bile as he realized he could feel nothing but loathing for his Thane. He dares call…

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  • 10.32 – Unraveling

    10.32 – Unraveling

    A wave of blinding light swept over the town below and through the war room. Kaldr staggered where he stood. So did everyone else in the war room, and for a long moment the sounds of fighting in the city below fell silent. What… was that? Whatever it was, the direction of the battle below…

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  • 10.29 – Pivot

    10.29 – Pivot

    No sooner had Irding’s boots hit the dock than he was off and running, his eyes scanning ahead for his father’s back. Erik was exactly who he wanted at his side in this fight, and not only because the man was his only real tie to the island. After last fall, with the golem in…

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  • 10.28 – Assault

    10.28 – Assault

    The ships of the blockade gave chase, once they had uncoupled the rest of their boats. Captain Kormund and the Eikthyrnir hung back to harrass them at least long enough for Einarr and Hrug to carry out their part of the plan. Breidelstein grew larger as they neared the shore, resolving itself into the various…

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  • 10.26 – The Harbor at Dawn

    10.26 – The Harbor at Dawn

    The proud rooster’s head of the Vidofnir led the way into the mouth of the harbor at Breidelsteinn as the morning sun began to paint the sky vermillion. Einarr scanned the water ahead, curiously detached from the assault to come. There was still too much to do before they even reached the docks to even…

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  • 10.23 – Return to Raenshold

    10.23 – Return to Raenshold

    Kaldr knew he should have been glad of a quiet journey back to the capital. Unfortunately, every man aboard knew what was happening, and so the mood of his ship was as rough as the waves in his head. No-one suggested treason – not openly, anyway, or at least not where he could hear –…

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  • 10.5 – Blockade Run

    10.5 – Blockade Run

    The beat of Hàkon’s drum changed, subtly, from the rower’s cadence to a battle drum as the men hastily donned their maille. Eydri caught Einarr’s eye as he approached and inclined her head in acknowledgement. Good: it seemed she knew exactly what he had in mind. Einarr took up a position just forward of the…

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  • 9.32 – Food From the Mouth

    9.32 – Food From the Mouth

    Author’s Note: This marks the end of Book 9: Einarr and the Wolf’s Flame. Book 10 will pick up right where we left off on 3/10, at which point we should be finished with our move to Saipan. Kaldr hurried down the cliff road for the harbor where his ship waited. He should have been…

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  • 9.24 – Into the Tower

    9.24 – Into the Tower

    Reki sat up in alarm. “They’re here?” “So it sounds.” “All right, ladies. Everybody up! We have a job to do.” Eydri sat up and dusted off her skirts as though she hadn’t actually been asleep. For how long, Reki couldn’t begin to guess. Runa and Svana both stirred with a groan, as though they…

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  • 9.17 – Weavess

    9.17 – Weavess

    Reki was arrested, briefly, by the sharp cunning in the old crone’s eyes – eyes that, were she to let her guard down at all, would see through any plan she might concoct. They would have to be careful. “The pleasure is ours, I’m sure,” Reki purred, offering a slight bow in the other woman’s…

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