Tag: Broken ribs are almost as bad as broken collar bones

  • 6.11 – Field Dressing

    6.11 – Field Dressing

    Einarr kept a nervous watch while the others saw to Irding’s field dressing, neither of them certain how much good a watch would do in a wood where the trees themselves might rise up against you. Erik, being not terribly skillful with medicine, inspected his son’s maille while Runa and Jorir did what they could…

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  • 6.10 – Grasping Branches

    6.10 – Grasping Branches

    As though on cue, the forest itself seemed to come alive around them. The grass and the twining berry vines that trailed along the ground reached up to grab his boots, and the bushes and brambles around the clearing began to visibly grow into a wall. So much for not attracting attention. “Run!” Einarr suited…

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