Tag: “Captain’s apprentice” sounds weird until you render it as “heir”

  • 4.18 – Grendel

    4.18 – Grendel

    The Vidofnir and the Grendel slipped past one another in the half-light of the underground river, the passengers of each staring at the other in shock. For the moment, the Grendelings did not appear monstrous, although Einarr was certain that would change the moment battle was joined. Stigander reacted first. “Onward, men! Put your backs…

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  • 2.1 – Catching Up

    2.1 – Catching Up

    An empty seat awaited Einarr near where his father lounged, surprisingly far back in the hall. “Not bad, for your first go,” Stigander muttered in his ear. “Did you think to take anything for yourself?” He shook his head. “The Isinntog was my share.” His father grunted. “Generosity is well and good, but never forget…

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