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  • MGC Hits the Nail on the Head

    When I was very young, and was first introduced to science fiction, I read a lot of things that objectively (and metaphorically) hurt my feelings and outraged my received opinions. … Most things I read, actually. It’s part of what attracted me to science fiction, the ability to put myself in another situation where […] via…

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  • ‘I’m Not Willing to Sacrifice Freedom of Expression on the Altar of Cultural Diversity’ – Reason.com

    “Tolerance is not a demand that you put on the speaker. It’s not a demand that you put on somebody who publishes a cartoon or writes a novel or paints a painting. It’s on the one who watches a cartoon, watches a movie, reads a novel.” Muhammad cartoon publisher Flemming Rose talks about immigration, free…

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  • Wait, Really?

    So I was scanning through my news feed on my phone this morning, and I stumbled across an article on Slate called “Is My Novel Offensive?“. Now, this being Slate, my first reaction was to mutter sarcastically something along the lines of “isn’t everything?” But I clicked through to read it. Apparently, in addition to…

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