Life is a crazy thing, sometimes. I’d hoped to have Althane’s Masquerade ready for Amazon, oh, six months ago, but that was (a) right around the Young Master’s birthday and (b) right when we all got sick as dogs out here.

But! None of that really matters right now, because now I can show you the awesome cover art Will provided this time!

Cover for Einarr and the Althane's Masquerade

As if that weren’t enough, he went ahead and redid the cover for Jotunhall for me, as well. You all may remember that, while I liked the original cover for that one, the artist disappeared on me, and then I figured out that the font we’d picked was, well, a little hard to read. Well, this new cover fixes that, and the small issue both DH and I had with the posing of the figures in the original. I don’t quite have the print cover finalized yet, but look for a fresh cover on Jotunhall around the time Masquerade goes live!

New cover for EInarr and the Jotunhall

Einarr and the Althane’s Masquerade should be available by Thanksgiving in ebook and paperback. I’ll get a firmer date for you as soon as I have one, but it should be ready in plenty of time for the holidays. Thank you for your patience!

Cover for Advent of Ruin

Advent of Ruin will face a slight delay, as my dumb butt forgot to account for printing bleeds when I was designing my cover. Assuming there’s nothing else I missed (and there shouldn’t be, according to the email I received), and there’s no delay after I click “publish,” it should be up tomorrow.

UPDATE 3/2/16: And then it’s been long enough since I was on a newspaper that I did the bleeds exactly wrong. Cover should be fixed this time. Incidentally – Scribus is not very good at preserving colors in PDFs. GIMP works much better, although I recommend doing your text in another editor.