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  • 12.24 – Helping Hands

    12.24 – Helping Hands

    Vali’s warning left Einarr thunderstruck: hadn’t they just passed a deadfall? “Another one?” He managed to say eventually. “And in better repair than the one before. You’ll never make it through here carrying the lady: not sure you will anyway.” “It’s fine. Put me down: I’ve rested enough.” As Einarr opened his mouth to ask…

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  • 12.23 – Deadfall

    12.23 – Deadfall

    They all covered their ears involuntarily at the creature’s angry shout. A small cascade of dirt and pebbles were dislodged from the rough ceiling here. Naudrek dropped into a run again even as Einarr opened his mouth. Einarr stepped to the side as Runa picked up her skirts and started to follow after Naudrek. “Kaldr,…

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  • 12.21 – Interference

    12.21 – Interference

    Kaldr took up position just inside the circle of warm air, surprised at himself for his easy agreement. Nothing he said was false, and his clothes seemed to be growing drier by the second. Only, he felt none of his usual apprehension about sorcery. Indeed, primarily what he felt was the comfort of a thick…

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  • 12.20 – Freezing

    12.20 – Freezing

    For a moment Naudrek merely floated, a pained expression on his face, but he did not let go his air, and after a moment he swam on. Then a blast of even colder water slammed into Einarr’s side. Thanks to the moment’s warning from Naudrek, he was able to keep Runa from slamming bodily into…

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  • 12.19 – Flood

    12.19 – Flood

    Einarr could hear the breath in his throat as he stumbled again in the corridor. Ahead of him, Naudrek didn’t look much better off – and this was after Runa had returned to the Song of Stamina. They weren’t even running, just now, merely trying to keep putting one foot in front of the other.…

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  • 12.18 – Tunnels of Fire and Blood

    12.18 – Tunnels of Fire and Blood

    Burned hair. Singed sleeves. Blistering skin on arms and legs and – yes – even faces. Einarr and his band rotated their way down the flaming hell of the staircase, and with every blast of flame their fatigue grew. Even Runa, much to Einarr’s shame – did not escape burns. Long before they reached a…

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  • 12.17 – Small Sparks

    12.17 – Small Sparks

    Naudrek sniffed, and nodded, and was joined in agreement by Kaldr and Thjofgrir. “Why fish?” Einarr asked. Whatever it was, they were sure not to like the reason. “Maybe they want to bury us in mackerel?” Naudrek asked with a shrug and half a smile. Even Kaldr chuckled. “Unlikely. But whatever the smell is coming…

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  • 12.15 – Above and Below

    12.15 – Above and Below

    A clicking sound, like a knife being stropped, sounded twice and abruptly the tunnel was plunged into darkness. Runa froze in her tracks, blinking, her eyes straining for any light. “Einarr?” She disliked how tremulous her voice sounded just there, but there was nothing she could do about it now. She cleared her throat and…

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  • 12.12 – The Vestibule

    12.12 – The Vestibule

    Einarr raised the chisel to the wall and gently tapped it with the hilt of his belt knife. As he drew the vertical line he focused on the defensive aspects of the rune. “We seek” tap “A dvergr friend” tap tap “Who is lost” tap. “We come,” he said, starting on the outward angle, “to…

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  • 10.38 – Secret Tunnel

    10.38 – Secret Tunnel

    The four burst into Urdr’s workroom, Runa in the lead but only by a pace. The sailor’s report had been not quite accurate: the witch was gone, and there were a number of blank spaces on the wall and on her racks where tapestries had been until very recently, but she had been smart enough…

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