Tag: Divination

  • 11.6 – Thorn Deep

    11.6 – Thorn Deep

    A week after their encounter with the accursed ship of the demon cult, a small, dark island appeared on the horizon. According to all the charts, it had to be Thorndjupr. The sense of gloom hanging over the island only grew more intense as they approached. It wasn’t just that the trees were black pine:…

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  • 8.5 – Pursuit

    8.5 – Pursuit

    Captain Kormund froze a moment, staring at Einarr. He blinked, then swore quietly. “You. A Cursebreaker. How long?” “Almost a year now.” The Captain swore again. “So you’ve made it long enough to know you attract trouble. When were you intending to tell me about this?” Einarr paused in his preparations. He hadn’t even thought…

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  • 7.28 – Bells

    7.28 – Bells

    Bowl of porridge in hand, the Singer came and sat across from Einarr at breakfast the next morning. “I’m told,” she said, lifting a spoonful. “That you wanted to talk to me. You looking for a battle chanter?” Einarr smiled and shook his head, giving himself a chance to swallow. “Not exactly – although I…

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  • 7.27 – Eskiborg

    7.27 – Eskiborg

    All around Einarr people walked through the motions of daily life, utterly unknowing (or unconcerned by) the fiery doom flying about the island. Einarr walked up and down the city streets getting the lay of the place, his eyes open for public halls or an obvious path to the docks. The sheer numbers of people…

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  • 7.20 – Return

    7.20 – Return

    At first glance, the Shrouded Village appeared exactly as it had the day the alfr from Breidhaugr delivered him. Surely, though, that could not be the case. Melja had said they would continue their research while he hunted it. Einarr had no reason to doubt that, save for an offhand comment by a cynical old…

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