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  • 10.26 – The Harbor at Dawn

    10.26 – The Harbor at Dawn

    The proud rooster’s head of the Vidofnir led the way into the mouth of the harbor at Breidelsteinn as the morning sun began to paint the sky vermillion. Einarr scanned the water ahead, curiously detached from the assault to come. There was still too much to do before they even reached the docks to even…

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  • 10.22 – The Fall of Urek

    10.22 – The Fall of Urek

    “Another weakling from the rebels? You are nothing more than flies. We should have squashed you ages ago.” Urek did not give Einarr time to retort: the hammer was already singing through the air, and for what felt like ages all Einarr could do was dodge. “Funny thing about flies,” Einarr gasped out while they…

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  • 10.18 – Three Captains

    10.18 – Three Captains

    Kaldr spent a long, weary night locked in combat in his own mind. For Lord Ulfr to call him back like this could only mean one thing. And yet, the more he thought it through, the more he was convinced that he had done nothing to regret. Certainly nothing that should have gotten him recalled…

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  • 10.10 – Preparations

    10.10 – Preparations

    “Traitor!” Urek’s face turned from red to crimson, and his eyes bulged out like a toad’s. “Coward! Lord Ulfr will hear of this!” “Lord Ulfr is well aware of my opinion regarding his mother. And I will thank you to keep a civil tongue in your head. There is more to strategy than attacking, Urek,…

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  • 10.5 – Blockade Run

    10.5 – Blockade Run

    The beat of Hàkon’s drum changed, subtly, from the rower’s cadence to a battle drum as the men hastily donned their maille. Eydri caught Einarr’s eye as he approached and inclined her head in acknowledgement. Good: it seemed she knew exactly what he had in mind. Einarr took up a position just forward of the…

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  • 10.4 – Nerves

    10.4 – Nerves

    For a long while Einarr stood staring over the stern at the four wolfling ships that once more followed in their wake. Why had that ship been called back? The leader of the pursuing fleet was harrying them, wearing down their morale with every league they followed and every skirmish they forced. If that ship…

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  • 10.3 – Pincer

    10.3 – Pincer

    Author’s Note: My apologies for the lateness of the post. I realized at the eleventh hour that the chapter as I had started it needed to come later. The three ships with their three tails made good progress toward the outlying island of Eskihus, where Einarr had once spent half of an idyllic summer with…

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  • 10.2 – Strategy

    10.2 – Strategy

    A note in Jorir’s voice caught Einarr’s ear. “Well, spit it out. What’s the matter?” “Only this. How many more skirmishes like that can we take?” Einarr frowned. “That probably depends on how many volleys we have to fire. You’re concerned about supplies, then.” “Aye. That, and manpower.” “You’re right, of course.” Movement caught Einarr’s…

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  • 10.1 – Dawn Assault

    10.1 – Dawn Assault

    With the tapestries in hand, Einarr had thought they might gain some time to breathe and regroup. For the space of a night, he thought he’d been right. They’d prayed the confusion in their enemies would continue and sailed all through the night, sleeping in shifts. Einarr wakened at the break of dawn and rose,…

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  • 9.32 – Food From the Mouth

    9.32 – Food From the Mouth

    Author’s Note: This marks the end of Book 9: Einarr and the Wolf’s Flame. Book 10 will pick up right where we left off on 3/10, at which point we should be finished with our move to Saipan. Kaldr hurried down the cliff road for the harbor where his ship waited. He should have been…

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