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  • 5.25 – Infirmary

    5.25 – Infirmary

    “Be careful, Erik, don’t jostle him. That looks awful.” Erik let Runa’s fretting pass without comment, but Jorir snorted. “That’s because it is. That wound’s not exactly fresh anymore. He’s had to do some work to get out here.” The climb up to the fourth floor of the tower crawled. The stairwell was barely wide…

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  • 5.24 – Second Chance

    5.24 – Second Chance

    That cut on his side was going to be a problem. It wasn’t likely to kill him, he didn’t think, but the blood showed no sign of slowing yet. Well. A bandage was just cloth, and he was wearing plenty of that. Einarr gripped the hem of his tunic and tore. The fabric came off…

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