Tag: Girls are vicious when they fight

  • 9.29 – Regrouping

    9.29 – Regrouping

    Author Note: On Monday night, we will be flying out of Pago Pago headed for Portland and, ultimately, Saipan. Due to the vagaries of moving and airport/hotel internet, Tuesday’s post may be somewhat delayed. My apologies, and thank you for understanding Bea stood on guard, two steps up from the last of Urdr’s guards. Her…

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  • 9.28 – A Single Blade

    9.28 – A Single Blade

    Beatrix lunged, taking a mighty swipe with her sword around the curve of the stair at the guards who pursued them up it. The dull thud of a blade striking home was followed by the clattering of maille dropping to the floor as the man wearing it fell. She turned her head just enough to…

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