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  • 12.10 – Under Ice and Stone

    12.10 – Under Ice and Stone

    It was just past noon when Einarr and his companions arrived at the wall of ice that marked the glacier. If they had thought to find relief from the heat, they were disappointed. Waves of cold air sloughed off the side of the glacier and left their skin feeling clammy in the heat of the…

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  • 7.19 – Tracking

    7.19 – Tracking

    It was unmistakeably the same material as the Shroud. Oddly, it did not feel hot to the touch, nor did it burn anything else it came in contact with. For whatever reason, once separated from the whole there was no more magic in it. This was just as well, Einarr figured, but ultimately unimportant. What…

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  • 7.13 – Lodge

    7.13 – Lodge

    The same qualities that made the woods about the Shrouded Village pleasant to live in – their brightness, their openness – also made them accursedly easy to get lost in. Within half a day Einarr learned to set his blazes within sight of each other to avoid walking in circles. The hunting lodge he sought…

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