Tag: Jailbreak!

  • 4.15 – Breaking Out

    4.15 – Breaking Out

    To their credit, Einarr’s companions did not caution him about noise. Likely they knew it would be fruitless. Still, his improved vantage did little to aid his search. Reckless abandon seized him, though, and rather than climb back down Einarr hurried from cage-top to cage-top, searching for any sign of flaxen hair while the others…

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  • 4.8 – Temple

    4.8 – Temple

    Sivid hopped down from the crate he had perched himself on, oddly buoyant now that they were past the guards. He jerked his head toward one of the many streets leading away from this little market and turned to go. “You’ve heard something?” Einarr spoke quietly as they left the crowded square. “I have an…

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