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  • 12.2 – The Wild Goose

    12.2 – The Wild Goose

    Stigander went so far as to provide the karve for their search – one of the benefits, he said, of being back where they belonged – while Einarr and Kaldr assembled their team. Thjofgrir’s presence was as critical for Kaldr as Naudrek’s was for Einarr. After much deliberation, they agreed that Vali was their best…

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  • 11.4 – Farewells

    11.4 – Farewells

    Two days after his conference, at dawn as he was preparing to launch the Heidrun, Einarr looked up and blinked in surprise. There, coming down the pier in her full armor, her spear across her back, was Beatrix. “Good morning! I didn’t expect to see you here.” The Imperial Princess offered Einarr a friendly smile.…

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