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  • 12.7 – Kraken

    12.7 – Kraken

    Fighting a Kraken was a losing proposition, ordinarily, even in a longship with a full crew. Einarr didn’t want to think about what their chances were in the Villgås, with only the six of them. Five, really: Runa’s queasiness had not been helped by their abrupt maneuvers. That also meant, of course, that they could…

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  • 12.6 – The Path Forward

    12.6 – The Path Forward

    They waited in silence until they were sure Kharmor was out of earshot and off the docks – with the way sound carried over water, the second was required for the first. Then Kaldr turned to Runa. “What do you know about these Paths of Stone?” She shook her head, her hair tickling Einarr’s nose.…

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  • 8.24 – Bait

    8.24 – Bait

    Bea was looking at him expectantly. What she’d told him before? …Oh. Einarr shook his head no. “You really should. Talent like yours is wasted as a raider, and if power is what you’re after Father can grant you more than you could ever hope to gain as thane over some tiny island.” “That’s not…

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