Tag: trolls are apparently allergic to sunlight

  • 6.20 – Lair

    6.20 – Lair

    “No.” For a second, the troll’s face hung slack and stupid. Einarr could see the moment when it realized she meant it: rage began to build like a squall on the ocean, until finally the storm broke. The creature roared: “What?” Einarr and his companions flinched away from the thunderous noise. Not that he could…

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  • 6.19 – Forest Chase

    6.19 – Forest Chase

    Einarr could not get past the idea that this was somehow still a trap. The troll, apparently guileless, led them up to the ridge, to the place where he was apparently accustomed to climbing back up. There was one immediate problem. “I can’t climb that,” Runa stated. Even had she dressed like a man, in…

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