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  • 13.28 – Homecoming

    13.28 – Homecoming

    Author’s Note: This marks the end of Book 13. Book 14 will begin on 12/7/2021. When the Villgås finally returned to Breidelstein harbor, almost six months after its departure, they were met by a cheering mass of people on the docks – including, this time, Stigander himself. Einarr and Runa stood on the deck as…

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  • 13.27 – Farewells

    13.27 – Farewells

    No matter what else he wanted to say about them, the svartdvergr knew how to throw a party. One of the mead halls in the city had opened its doors to the Smiths and their allies, and by the time Einarr arrived with his crew it was already full to bursting and raucous with celebration.…

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  • 13.16 – Escape

    13.16 – Escape

    That priest wouldn’t have come alone, or even just with a single attendant. Einarr and his companions clattered up the stairs, abandoning all pretense of stealth in favor of speed. When they emerged into the hallway, however, they found themselves in the middle of a swarm of grey-skinned acolytes. The passage was packed almost too…

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  • 13.5 – Jailbreak

    13.5 – Jailbreak

    Without another word, the eight men – four dvergr, four humans – slipped out into the hall to follow Gheldram. In silence they crept through the halls of the dungeon until they reached the storeroom, where they set to searching for the belongings of the humans. “I had half expected you to have… company by…

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  • 13.1 – Rude Awakening

    13.1 – Rude Awakening

    Consciousness returned slowly to Einarr, and when it did it was made more uncertain by the dearth of light. But, he could feel his body again. Everything ached, except his head. His head felt like someone had driven spikes into his temples. Even still, he was aware of the hair that felt plastered across his…

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  • 12.28 – Beyond the Door

    12.28 – Beyond the Door

    This marks the final chapter of Book 12: Einarr and the Paths of Stone. As I have developed a habit of taking a month off between books, Book 13 will begin on 8/3/2021. Kaldr and Runa set to work, searching every surface with their fingers, hunting for some way to unlatch that door from this…

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  • 12.27 – Resonance

    12.27 – Resonance

    For the first time in a very long time, Kaldr saw the red haze of the battle fury pressing at the edges of his vision. It was a mark of just how exhausted he was that he contemplated accepting it, just this once. When he realized that, he physically shook his head to shake it…

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  • 12.26 – Disruption

    12.26 – Disruption

    Einarr’s scream was followed quickly by Runa’s as the light shifted from one, central source of dim white light to a diffuse green. Kaldr spun on his heels, only to see his Prince collapsing to the floor, and the Lady racing across to where he fell. “What happened?” he called across as he returned his…

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  • 12.25 – Bestiary

    12.25 – Bestiary

    Einarr hurried his crew along as best he could, but Thjofgrir’s injury was going to be an issue until Runa’s song had a chance to do its work. The beast – whatever it was – would still be slowed somewhat by the rubble in the way, but they couldn’t exactly move full speed right now,…

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  • 12.24 – Helping Hands

    12.24 – Helping Hands

    Vali’s warning left Einarr thunderstruck: hadn’t they just passed a deadfall? “Another one?” He managed to say eventually. “And in better repair than the one before. You’ll never make it through here carrying the lady: not sure you will anyway.” “It’s fine. Put me down: I’ve rested enough.” As Einarr opened his mouth to ask…

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