GenCon Sewing Challenge

So DH convinced me to dress up for one day at GenCon this coming August. After some hemming and hawing, we settled on Isabeau, the female Samurai from the upcoming Shin Megami Tensei IV. Which means that I have about 30 days to turn this:

Fabric, pattern, and ribbon for costume challenge
Poly charmeuse, undyed muslin, 36 feet of ribbon, and Vogue 1266.

into something approaching this.

Wish me luck. That’s a polyester crinkle charmeuse for the coat and muslin for the dress. I still don’t know how I’m going to handle the stockings/greaves/boots.

I really have to wonder who at Vogue thought it was a good idea to not include yardage on interfacing and lining fabric on the back of the pattern envelope. Now I either need to cover the shoulder pads and do French seams on the coat or go buy more fabric.

UPDATE, 8/6/13: As it turned out, I had enough of the charmeuse to self-line everything but the sleeves. I’ll do a fuller post when it’s all done, but the jacket is coming along nicely and I don’t expect any problems out of the tunic dress. Right now I’m hand stitching a line of ribbon around the shoulders.

  1. Carol Watson Avatar
    Carol Watson

    Good luck, Allene!! It looks complicated, and I do some sewing!
    Will you post photos when you are done?

    1. allene Avatar

      Thanks, Carol! Yes, I will, as well as a review of my process and the pattern. I’m really glad I finished that corduroy “great coat” last August: looks like the process is basically the same, except I have to mod this pattern a bit.

  2. Carol Watson Avatar
    Carol Watson

    Oooooo…. I have seen knee braces that look rather like the things at the top of the boots. Maybe something like that would work?

    1. allene Avatar

      I was thinking about that, and white thigh-highs. Probably the easiest way.

  3. dimple Avatar

    I’m sure you can manage it, but “mod”- ding the pattern would probably be a stopper for me!

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