Long time, no see

Wish I could say I had a good excuse for being absent for so long, but really it was just life. Late November/early December was spent editing my novel and crocheting holiday gifts. January: more editing. In December I’d started reading it aloud to myself, chapter by chapter, and that takes a long time – especially when you decide to do two passes. In January I also created a personal Wiki on the project. (Wikidpad can be a really useful way to organize your notes, and it’s hard to beat free. Hat tip: I learned about the program ages ago listening to Writing Excuses. Neither of these groups know me from Eve.) February had an unexpected trip out to Portland for family stuff, which is now sorted. And March was largely catch-up. So, in the spirit of catching up, here are some quick notes about what I’ve been up to.

Costume Pics

Months and months ago, I promised you pics of how my Isabeau costume turned out. So, here you go.

Me, wearing my (still incomplete) Isabeau costume on Halloween
This is the part of the costume I made, plus one of DH’s swords

I don’t have the boots or the greaves yet, and my intention is to spray-paint one of those telescoping lightsabers for the final costume. The obi needs a little work, but I’ve got time to fine-tune it before GenCon rolls around again.


Back in December I went to a local library sale, and one of the books I bought was Food Heritage of India by Vimla Patil. (Again, the author has no idea I exist. I just like the product.)

I am loving this cookbook. I haven’t contacted the author for permission, so I’m not going to share the recipes today, but suffice to say the only recipe that didn’t turn out fabulous was the one I burned. Even it seemed to taste good, the little bit that made it past my eyes. Unfortunately, burned pureed spinach looks like toxic sludge. Stuffed tomatoes: very good. Pork (or chicken) Vindaloo: excellent. Make it all the time now. Santara ni Basundi: amazing. It’s what orange creamsicles are supposed to taste like. DH, who’s ambivalent towards citrus and doesn’t like cardamom, has said he “wouldn’t mind” having it again. You can Google that one; the recipes I saw were very similar to the one in the book. Sadly, I was in a rush so I didn’t get to take a photo the night I made it.


So I think I’m finally about ready to start submitting my novel to various publishers, and possibly agents. But based on what I’ve been reading about the publishing industry lately, I know where I want to start (and it’s not with an agent). Don’t want to say too much and jinx myself or something, so I’ll leave it at that for now.


What’s happening in Albuquerque right now is, quite literally, dreadfull.

On the opposite side of the emotional spectrum, this sounds like it came out of Hollywood. I’m just going to leave you this link and say it’s the most entertaining write-up I’ve seen of the story: http://monsterhunternation.com/2014/03/28/leland-yee-super-villain/

  1. dimple Avatar

    You might check out the largest city in our region for similar happenings to Albuquerque. Just no demonstrations, so far.
    The costume is impressive!

    1. allene Avatar

      Huh. Not a place I’d expect to see that sort of activity… although the way the world’s going I really shouldn’t be too surprised, I suppose. A few months ago I read about a case in SF where someone was arrested (and thrown in solitary!) for following dispatcher instructions after calling 911 for an accident victim.

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