Viking Adventures: Go!

The first entry in my new web serial, “The Adventures of Einarr Stigandersen,” is now live: 1.1 – A Sudden Squall can be found behind that link. 1.2 will be published on Thursday.

On a related note, I’m also getting ready to launch a Patreon to help support my writing. Most of the rewards and such I have in mind are tied to the serial, but there could be other cool things in the works, too. I want to give everyone a chance to see my work before I launch that, though, so if you think you might be interested in supporting my crazy dream you should definitely go check out the first chapter. It will probably be next Tuesday at the earliest before that goes live, so that will give people a few chapters to base their decision on.

I’m just about ready to lock in a publishing imprint for myself, and then I think I’m on track to have Advent of Ruin available on Amazon by March 1. This is the cover I’ve come up with:


When a messenger seeking safety, a girl seeking the future, and a soldier seeking something to protect are swept up in the end of an era, what new world will they bring forth?

EDIT 2/17/2016: I’ve rearranged the site somewhat and updated the Episode 1 link above accordingly.

  1. allene Avatar

    Does anyone know if WordPress pushes notifications for new pages as well as new posts? I don’t mind doing a quick post when I put up a new entry, but I also don’t want to annoy people with a million notifications.

  2. dimple Avatar

    “A Sudden Squall” is very good! It would stand on its own as a story AND makes me want to read what follows! Kudos!

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