Found this reading the news this morning, feel like I was in the right track with the garden I put in earlier this year.

Managed to get a few heads of lettuce before they bolted, and my tomatoes are starting to ripen. It’s starting to look like I’ll have cucumbers, too!

UPDATE: Pictures!


3 thoughts on “More on no-dig gardening

  1. Pictures?
    The deer ate my one kale plant. I still have basil, though! (I think, I haven’t been out to look yet today.) Those deer are really hungry this year: they have mostly stripped my bleeding hearts which they have never touched before, and the rhubarb, too. We had a pretty long stretch of very dry 90 degree + weather and the deer food is pretty thin where things haven’t been watered.

  2. Took a taste of that little red tomato above as I was cutting it up into tonight’s salad. As expected, SO much sweeter than store-bought. 😀

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