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  • 4.10 – Strike Team

    4.10 – Strike Team

    “I’ve got good news and I’ve got bad news,” Einarr said when the crews were assembled on the deck of the Vidofnir. “The bad news, some of you already know. This is definitely a stronghold for some sort of cult, and it seems like a well-established one.” He and Sivid had managed to slip back […]

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  • 3.4 – Rivals

    3.4 – Rivals

    From where Einarr stood he saw nothing but mist and ocean and the bones of ships. “What happened?” Sivid’s head popped over the railing from above. “Those freeboaters following us seem to have missed a turn.” “They’re freeboaters?” “Pretty sure. Cap’ and Bardr are ‘discussing’ sending aid.” “What’s there to discuss? Of course we should […]

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