Book Six pre-order

Book Six Pre-Order Now Live!

Book six of The Adventures of Einarr Stigandersen, Einarr and the Isle of the Forgotten, is now available for pre-order on Amazon and Books2Read

And check out that cover work by the talented William Eyster! I wrote the book, and I wouldn’t mind a vacation there. He’s also provided a couple of illustrations for the interior again. Many thanks for your hard work, once again! (And if you haven’t seen it, he was also kind enough to provide the new banner image for the site.)

An Unexpected Detour

Einarr and his companions have made it out of the Tower of Ravens intact, but on their way out they touched something they shouldn’t have. Now they’re becalmed in an unfamiliar sea. While fish are plentiful, water is becoming an issue.

When a storm blows up, Einarr decides to take a chance and ride the squall. Their little fishing boat takes them to unknown shores and wrecks on the beach. Now they have to contend with a rag-tag group of souls doomed to oblivion – all trapped, as they are, on the Isle of the Forgotten. Can they break free of the cursed isle’s clutches in time, or will they return to find the crew of the Vidofnir has succumbed to their own curse?


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