Book Six Pre-Order Now Live!

Book six of The Adventures of Einarr Stigandersen, Einarr and the Isle of the Forgotten, is now available for pre-order on Amazon and Books2Read

And check out that cover work by the talented William Eyster! I wrote the book, and I wouldn’t mind a vacation there. He’s also provided a couple of illustrations for the interior again. Many thanks for your hard work, once again! (And if you haven’t seen it, he was also kind enough to provide the new banner image for the site.)

An Unexpected Detour

Einarr and his companions have made it out of the Tower of Ravens intact, but on their way out they touched something they shouldn’t have. Now they’re becalmed in an unfamiliar sea. While fish are plentiful, water is becoming an issue.

When a storm blows up, Einarr decides to take a chance and ride the squall. Their little fishing boat takes them to unknown shores and wrecks on the beach. Now they have to contend with a rag-tag group of souls doomed to oblivion – all trapped, as they are, on the Isle of the Forgotten. Can they break free of the cursed isle’s clutches in time, or will they return to find the crew of the Vidofnir has succumbed to their own curse?


Okay. So first off, I am apparently a bad publisher who never wrote a post informing everyone that Einarr and the Demon Fleet was available for sale. That only happened in April… Here’s your link for Amazon, and here’s your link for everyone else.

The cover image for Book 4 of the Adventures of Einarr Stigandersen: Einarr and the Demon Fleet

And since Demon Fleet has been out since April, I am very pleased to announce that Einarr and the Tower of Ravens is now available as a preorder on Amazon and elsewhere! William is doing a great job on these covers, and this is one of my favorites. He’s got more of his art up on Eyster Artistry for anyone who wants to go take a look.

The cover for book 5 of the Adventures of Einarr Stigandersen: Einarr and the Tower of Ravens

Once upon a time, ghost stories were big all winter long, not just at Halloween. (I’m pretty sure this is how we ended up with the Three Ghosts of Christmas, actually.) So, in keeping with the tradition, I’m happy to announce that Einarr and the Althane’s Masquerade is now live, just in time for holiday shopping and gift giving!

At the moment it’s only available on Amazon. I will update this post in a few days when I get a live link from Books2Read.

Linky links:

New cover for EInarr and the Jotunhall
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Cover for Einarr and the Althane's Masquerade

And, just in case you haven’t been to the Books page, here’s an Amazon link for my first book, Advent of Ruin, as well.

Cover for Advent of Ruin

All of these links are also available on my Books page, as well as the back-cover blurb for each of them.

Updated, 12/2/2019: As of now, the paperback is live on Amazon, and the universal book link for Apple, Kobo, etc. is also live! Ebook and paperback should be linked within the next few days, but for now that will get you to a dead-tree version.