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  • 7.34 – Master’s Prerogative

    7.34 – Master’s Prerogative

    Three days later, Einarr was buoyant when he caught his first glimpse of the easternmost farm of the village. He had returned from a quest, and for the first time since Jarl Hroaldr had sent him to rob the jotün he actually felt richer for the victory. There was, after all, no-one to bury this…

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  • 7.33 – Leaving Eskiborg

    7.33 – Leaving Eskiborg

    “Ah. Right.” With a thought, Einarr withdrew his will and the deck of the Bjorn ceased glowing. “But we cannot leave yet. As much as it pains me, I do need to make arrangements with your Captain for the damage we caused.” “Fine, but right now is not the best time for that.” “It has…

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  • 7.32 – The Muspel Shroud

    7.32 – The Muspel Shroud

    The shadow of the Shroud was a deep blood-red in the faint illumination still coming off the deck of the Bjorn. Sinmora practically hummed in Einarr’s hand as he stood on deck, facing the target of his quest once more. Naudrek faced the Shroud at his side, and for that Einarr was grateful. He wasn’t…

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  • 7.31 – The Bjorn

    7.31 – The Bjorn

    Einarr and Naudrek came to the water’s edge at an area of the docks that Einarr doubted he’d have found on his own, it was so far removed from the main road. Naudrek stopped, briefly, when they heard their footfalls echoing over water instead of ground and pointed out towards the sea. “There, at the…

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  • 7.30 – Midnight Assault

    7.30 – Midnight Assault

    They were well into the midnight watch, and shadows cast by the fire flickering in the hearth sent shadows dancing over the walls. Hrug grunted and jostled Einarr with an elbow. Dutifully, but without much hope, Einarr turned to look, expecting just another false alarm. Something slid through the smoke and down into the firelight.…

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  • 7.29 – The Pewter Pot

    7.29 – The Pewter Pot

    Einarr stood before what was unmistakeably the public hall from the vision, glad to have found it but wishing he had found it some other way. He shuddered: the man may as well have been a snake on two legs, the way menace and charm both seemed to hang about his head like a miasma.…

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  • 7.28 – Bells

    7.28 – Bells

    Bowl of porridge in hand, the Singer came and sat across from Einarr at breakfast the next morning. “I’m told,” she said, lifting a spoonful. “That you wanted to talk to me. You looking for a battle chanter?” Einarr smiled and shook his head, giving himself a chance to swallow. “Not exactly – although I…

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  • 7.27 – Eskiborg

    7.27 – Eskiborg

    All around Einarr people walked through the motions of daily life, utterly unknowing (or unconcerned by) the fiery doom flying about the island. Einarr walked up and down the city streets getting the lay of the place, his eyes open for public halls or an obvious path to the docks. The sheer numbers of people…

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  • 7.26 – Wisdom of Runes

    7.26 – Wisdom of Runes

    Einarr rode out from the young new Jarl’s Hall as light was just beginning to touch the sky. He’d have left immediately, but riding in the middle of the night, unrested, with a likely still-frightened horse seemed an excellent way to break his neck. So, he waited. Shame burned in his mind, as hot as…

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  • 7.25 – Inferno

    7.25 – Inferno

    Einarr knew which way was out only because he could still feel cooler air on his back. Ahead of him, fire spouted from every surface and smoke filled the air. The only thing louder than the crackle of flames was the occasional scream of a horse. He kept his arm up as a mostly futile…

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