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  • 6.39 – Departure

    6.39 – Departure

    Arkja’s men returned Einarr’s greeting with enthusiasm, evidently unaware they had been slacking off on their watch. Well, no matter: Einarr would set them to watching in teams on the boat, with one of the Vidofnings to supervise. It wasn’t like he could really fault Saergar for checking the nets, or Hàkon for taking a…

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  • 6.38 – Treasure Chamber

    6.38 – Treasure Chamber

    “So. Where to next?” Einarr stared for a long moment, not yet quite able to believe his eyes. The jar that had stuck to him like a bad copper all summer, was itself haunted? And the creature doing the haunting… didn’t seem overly concerned about being dead, so long as he was free to move…

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  • 6.37 – Haunts

    6.37 – Haunts

    The five Vidofnings and Runa now ringed the chamber that grew steadily colder – cold enough, now, that the water from his breath caught in the hairs of his beard. Could enough to redden their noses and fingers, soon. At the center of the room, a purple-black cloud of energy writhed. Between Einarr and this…

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  • 6.36 – The Plan

    6.36 – The Plan

    Einarr and his companions stood gathered outside the hidden chamber in the river cave. Before them, inside, a glowing purple cloud of magical energy hung in midair. If they wanted off this island, they had to get rid of it. If they wanted to get out of here alive, they had to be very careful…

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  • 6.35 – The Key

    6.35 – The Key

    “I can go no further,” Guthbrandr announced. “Ahead you will find… me, for lack of a better term. Take care that you, yourselves, do not become infected by its poison: I think even your Valkyrie’s feather would fail to keep you sane then. And know that I lay no more claim to anything in there…

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  • 6.34 – Journal

    6.34 – Journal

    On the fragile page beneath Einarr’s fingertips, writing in a surprisingly delicate hand filled the first page of the book. At first glance it appeared to be in no writing Einarr had ever seen – not runes, and certainly not Imperial script. Then it was as though the words on the page began to swim…

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  • 6.33 – Ghost Stories

    6.33 – Ghost Stories

    “There never was any old man.” Arkja’s pronouncement fell on the deck of the Gestrisni like a brick of lead. A million questions flooded Einarr’s brain at once, such that he could not ask any of them – merely sat, staring, at the pronouncer. Irding recovered first. “So this is twice this season we’ve run…

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  • 6.32 – Departure

    6.32 – Departure

    While fixing the Gestrisni went about as well as Einarr could have hoped, that still left them groping for an answer, or even just a clue, of how to get past the magic trapping them here. “We may have to just go, with the expectation of being turned back once,” Runa finally said. Arkja’s men…

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  • 6.31 – Gathering Together

    6.31 – Gathering Together

    “I did, milord.” The earnest-faced fisherman stepped forward, looking vaguely embarrassed. Einarr nodded, curious as to why the man would be embarrassed – but now was not the time. “Good job. Keep it up. Do we have the tools you’ll need?” The yellow-haired man straightened. “I believe so, milord. Got the basics, anyway. Anything else…

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  • 6.30 – Discoveries

    6.30 – Discoveries

    “As for you, my Lady Singer, I have questions.” Runa smiled up at him impishly, hugging his arm. “Walk with me, my Lord, and I may have answers to give.” Einarr and his betrothed wandered the empty streets arm-in-arm, neither of them minding in this moment that desertion that had bothered him not long before.…

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