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  • 13.18 – Brawling

    13.18 – Brawling

    The guard identified as Magnyl hit the ground with a thump, caught unawares by Einarr’s attack. His comrades were not so slow-witted, though. Before their fellow had even come back to his feet, Einarr had kicked out to take one in the teeth and dropped his elbow on the skull of another. They did not…

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  • 13.17 – The Way Forward

    13.17 – The Way Forward

    Once the door closed and Runa had joined them over in the hot, cleansing bath, Einarr turned his attention to Jorir. “You said you think you know where we will find the high priest. Explain.” Jorir sighed and sunk back so that his head was resting on the stone edge of the hot spring. “It…

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  • 13.16 – Escape

    13.16 – Escape

    That priest wouldn’t have come alone, or even just with a single attendant. Einarr and his companions clattered up the stairs, abandoning all pretense of stealth in favor of speed. When they emerged into the hallway, however, they found themselves in the middle of a swarm of grey-skinned acolytes. The passage was packed almost too…

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  • 13.15 – Extraction

    13.15 – Extraction

    The five humans only made it as far as the hallway filled with priestly quarters before they ran into trouble. Halfway down stood a pair of dvergr dressed like priests. The white robes with their gold trim made their complexions look ghastly and grey. The one in the front shrieked and pointed directly at Runa.…

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  • 13.14 – Inner Sanctum

    13.14 – Inner Sanctum

    Einarr kept one hand on the low ceiling as he walked, bent half-over, down the passageway the runes had revealed. It was dark, but the far end of the passage was also open. Light filtered in from both ends: brilliant white from ahead, and the warm yellow of a torch from behind. The passage was…

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  • 13.13 – Falling Scales

    13.13 – Falling Scales

    Jorir jumped back, away from the latest strike of the snake’s jaws. Flames licked around its body from inside the temple, and the smoke in the room was thick and cloying. Even if it hadn’t been corrupted it would have been giving them issues. As it was, he was beginning to feel a little queasy.…

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  • 13.12 – Serpent’s Hall

    13.12 – Serpent’s Hall

    The cushions caught fire almost immediately, and soon the room was choked with a thick, oily black smoke – far thicker and more pungent than ordinary cloth and feathers should produce. An unearthly wail came from somewhere in the room, even though it had been empty of dvergr when they kicked open the door. Jorir…

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  • 13.11 – Deeper In

    13.11 – Deeper In

    The dvergr who faced Thjofgrir was matching him blow for blow, keeping them both locked in the clinch. Other than Arring, Einarr would be hard-pressed to find a man stronger than Thjofgrir, but these were dvergr. Furthermore, they were corrupted dvergr. Rather than wait for the corrupted dvergr to pull his trick, Einarr and Kaldr…

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  • 13.10 – Secret Passage

    13.10 – Secret Passage

    The patrolling guards never saw what hit them. Einarr blinked to realize there were only two who came to investigate, and those two were already down.  They continued on their way. The passage Mornik led them down showed every sign of having been long forgotten. They passed truly massive spider’s nests and other signs of…

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  • 13.9 – Improvisation

    13.9 – Improvisation

    “We’re not going in that way,” Mornik assured them in a whisper. “We’d have to be fools to try,” Kaldr muttered, staring up the staircase. The approach was a defender’s dream: all it lacked were enclosing walls to make it all but unassailable. “This way.” Mornik turned back the way they came and wound them…

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