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  • 8.25 – Fire Ship

    8.25 – Fire Ship

    “Launch!” Liupold’s order echoed over the surface of the water. Hrug willed the wind to life in the fire ship’s sails, and as it sailed past Einarr turned to watch Burkhart. The man stalked the deck of the ship, lighting the carefully placed torches. For just a moment, Einarr saw his face clearly. The man’s…

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  • 8.24 – Bait

    8.24 – Bait

    Bea was looking at him expectantly. What she’d told him before? …Oh. Einarr shook his head no. “You really should. Talent like yours is wasted as a raider, and if power is what you’re after Father can grant you more than you could ever hope to gain as thane over some tiny island.” “That’s not…

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  • 8.21 – Under Seige

    8.21 – Under Seige

    “Do it.” At Einarr’s word, Liupold and Naudrek tossed the bar out of the way and scrambled back over the makeshift palisade. No sooner had they righted themselves, javelins in hand, than the press of bodies forced open the door to reveal a writhing mass of the kraken’s flesh-puppets. They surged into the armory, arms…

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  • 8.20 – Armory

    8.20 – Armory

    The trick with the runes gave them a chance to get out of the dungeon, but they could only do it once. There simply wasn’t time, while dodging the flesh-puppets of a creature whose attention was only now coming to focus on them. Even if there had been time, Einarr was not at all certain…

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  • 8.19 – Imperial Princess

    8.19 – Imperial Princess

    The woman who stepped out of the cell Liupold opened was tall, lithe, and buxom, with black hair falling to her knees in a thick braid. She wore snug trousers and a swordfighter’s tunic, tied at the sleeves and waist, and if it weren’t for the hay clinging to hair and clothes, the smears of…

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  • 8.16 – Rescue Party

    8.16 – Rescue Party

    An entire afternoon and evening, and more than one cask of beer (although only one of eisbock: it was rather heady) went into planning their expedition, but in the end the map was the only reliable information they had. For where the corrupted men might be, to where they might be keeping their captives, they…

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  • 8.14 – Kettleness

    8.14 – Kettleness

    Hohenwerth island looked like the island of the cult in miniature in many ways, although for the moment it lacked the blackness of that bigger, more northerly island. Steep shale slopes rose from the surface of the water, topped by the green of good farmland and orchards. A sinister silence hung over the area, though,…

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