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  • 9.8 – Nightfall

    9.8 – Nightfall

    “Do you have a problem with the way we do things?” “No, not at all.” The Imperial Princess seemed taken aback. “Just you’re a lot more… civilized than I’d been led to believe was common among the Clans.” Einarr felt rage building in the back of his brain that had nothing to do with any…

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  • 8.4 – Setting Sail

    8.4 – Setting Sail

    The Eikthyrnir was not due to leave port for several more days. Einarr chafed at the delay, but preferred not to take his chances on searching out another boat. Especially given that Captain Kormund only brought them on board out of half-remembered friendship for Stigander. Einarr was well aware of how tenuous that made their…

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