Tag: Elder Vilding

  • 10.15 – Forest Road

    10.15 – Forest Road

    When the sun set that evening, Einarr was as glad for the end of the day’s labors as he was for the return of their scouts. Lundholm would recover: probably without too much trouble, even, for while Urek had instructed his raiders to do as much damage as possible, they had avoided doing much to…

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  • 10.14 – Reconnaissance

    10.14 – Reconnaissance

    Kaldr awoke to the smell of smoke with the rising of the dawn. A low growl rumbled in his throat as he sat up. Those idiots. That they would conduct a raid was expected. He had given leave, after all – as much because he was certain Urek would have sent one anyway as because…

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  • 10.8 – Promenade

    10.8 – Promenade

    The conference between the three captains and Elder Vilding stretched long into the evening. Well before the end of it, Einarr was very conscious of a pair of eyes trying to bore holes in his back. Every time he glanced over his shoulder, Runa was very pointedly looking elsewhere. She was very plainly expecting something…

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  • 10.7 – Safe Harbor

    10.7 – Safe Harbor

    Lundholm sat near the shore of a narrow, rocky fjord only slightly less treacherous than the waters surrounding the Althane’s grave. Stigander and the Vidofnir led the way, and even from his position in the rear Einarr could see his father’s crew sounding the depths at regular intervals. The town itself was tiny, and home…

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