Tag: Even Vali doesn’t really know how he works

  • 12.24 – Helping Hands

    12.24 – Helping Hands

    Vali’s warning left Einarr thunderstruck: hadn’t they just passed a deadfall? “Another one?” He managed to say eventually. “And in better repair than the one before. You’ll never make it through here carrying the lady: not sure you will anyway.” “It’s fine. Put me down: I’ve rested enough.” As Einarr opened his mouth to ask […]

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  • 12.23 – Deadfall

    12.23 – Deadfall

    They all covered their ears involuntarily at the creature’s angry shout. A small cascade of dirt and pebbles were dislodged from the rough ceiling here. Naudrek dropped into a run again even as Einarr opened his mouth. Einarr stepped to the side as Runa picked up her skirts and started to follow after Naudrek. “Kaldr, […]

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  • 12.22 – Pursuit

    12.22 – Pursuit

    The light no longer reached the water’s edge when the sound of wet footfalls against the stone floor of the cave began to echo behind them. Einarr wished he could be surprised, but if the monster had given up that easily he doubted the dvergr would have bound it. That it was bound to the […]

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