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  • 12.3 – Mýrarhöfn

    12.3 – Mýrarhöfn

    Einarr stepped out into the road running past the end of the pier and looked up and down it. Calling it a road may have been generous: he had seen cart paths that were better maintained. Deep muddy ruts scarred the surface, with standing water in several of them. Board walks lined the sides of […]

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  • 12.2 – The Wild Goose

    12.2 – The Wild Goose

    Stigander went so far as to provide the karve for their search – one of the benefits, he said, of being back where they belonged – while Einarr and Kaldr assembled their team. Thjofgrir’s presence was as critical for Kaldr as Naudrek’s was for Einarr. After much deliberation, they agreed that Vali was their best […]

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