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  • 13.27 – Farewells

    13.27 – Farewells

    No matter what else he wanted to say about them, the svartdvergr knew how to throw a party. One of the mead halls in the city had opened its doors to the Smiths and their allies, and by the time Einarr arrived with his crew it was already full to bursting and raucous with celebration.…

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  • 12.14 – Wheel Spokes

    12.14 – Wheel Spokes

    Where Einarr had expected to see a third switchback, they were instead presented with a fork in the road. There was, of course, no good way of telling which way was north down here, and so with a shrug they turned left. A little further on, the path split again. Again they went left. Then…

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  • 12.9 – The Barren Isle

    12.9 – The Barren Isle

    A dry wind swept across the barren plain under a gray sky when they awakened the next morning. Einarr, as the first up, sat up to survey the land around them. Not long after, Vali returned from his patrol. “Well? How bad is it?” The ghost offered a wan half-smile. “Miles and miles of… this,…

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