Tag: They have a cave troll! (Okay probably not actually a CAVE troll…)

  • 6.17 -Heavy Fire

    6.17 -Heavy Fire

    For the first time since they’d landed here in the middle of that terrible storm, Einarr could see the night sky. He had thought, of course, that by seeing the stars they would be able to guess where in the sea they had been taken. It was not to be. In other circumstances, he would…

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  • 4.12 – Dungeon’s Depths

    4.12 – Dungeon’s Depths

    Their vigil over Sivid’s work seemed to last for ages, even though the fact that no other guards arrived suggested he made fast work of the lock. A grinding of stone on stone signalled the opening of the door. “We’re in,” Sivid confirmed. All five men vanished through the doorway, with Einarr in the lead…

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