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  • 11.11 – Grim Mists

    11.11 – Grim Mists

    Einarr and Troa were out of the room before they heard Eydri’s footsteps start to catch up. Her complaints registered a moment later. “Warn a girl before you take off like that! Whatever happened to sticking together for everything?” Einarr and Troa muttered apologies but did not slow. The sound of fighting grew closer, but…

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  • 11.7 – A Warm Welcome

    11.7 – A Warm Welcome

    The serving boy – who, if Einarr guessed aright, couldn’t be more than 12, hugged his tray against himself and backed away from Einarr and his party. “Now, now. We’re not angry about anything.” Although some would be about biting down on a rock, especially with as uninspired as the broth was. “D-d-d- Da!” He…

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