Tag: When trying to keep someone from being reckless puts them in more danger

  • 13.6 – Kin No More

    13.6 – Kin No More

    There was, on the outskirts of Nilthiad as on the outskirts of most cities, a rough part of town, where most people weren’t going to ask too many questions so long as you didn’t go making a big deal out of yourself. It was to a small, apparently abandoned house in a neighborhood such as…

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  • 4.12 – Dungeon’s Depths

    4.12 – Dungeon’s Depths

    Their vigil over Sivid’s work seemed to last for ages, even though the fact that no other guards arrived suggested he made fast work of the lock. A grinding of stone on stone signalled the opening of the door. “We’re in,” Sivid confirmed. All five men vanished through the doorway, with Einarr in the lead…

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  • 4.11 – Blitz

    4.11 – Blitz

    The area of the yard in front of the dungeon entrance was, if anything, more heavily guarded than the front had been. As Einarr had feared, their hasty disposal of the torch before had given them away and made getting back in much harder. He glared at Sivid, despite knowing why: should Runa be lost,…

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